A Day in the Life sessions

Introducing A Day in the Life sessions.

This session is so much more than a photoshoot. It’s an artistic record of your life right now. At this exact moment. Forget coordinating everyone’s wardrobe. Coordinating schedules. Worrying about whether your kids will smile for the camera.

It’s so relaxed! I come to you, usually first thing the morning, and silently observe your family at home. Being yourselves. Keeping it real.

Mobile phone ringing? That’s ok. Want to relax and read the paper? Go for it! Dog’s run inside with muddy footprints? Not a problem! Well, not for me anyway, ha!

“We need to appreciate how precious life is.” – Shelley Fabares.

In years to come, you’ll be amazed at the little things you’d forgotten about. Your changing hairstyles. How quickly the kids grew. The dog you used to have. The house before the extension. You’ll appreciate more deeply all the joy in the ordinary.

a day in the life of an adelaide family


But my house is a mess!

I understand this concern, I’m a working Mum too, after all.

But actually no one ever looks at the photos in the albums and says “oh what a messy house.”

That all gets blurred into the background anyway!


OK sounds good. What’s the next step?

The session is $590 and it includes the day of photography, and $500 towards a custom designed boutique album with 10 double page spreads (20 pages).

If dressing up for a formal studio portrait session doesn’t float your boat, then this is for you.

For more information, please get in touch via the contact page. I’d love to hear from you.




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