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Have a teenaged daughter? || Adelaide family photographer

adelaide family photographer

Have You Always Wanted a Beautiful Portrait with your Daughter?


I’m all about building positive self-image and being a teen can be tricky to navigate in this social media age.

I want to encourage more young women to be strong and confident individuals. How? With the experience of a photoshoot with their Mum in my Blackwood studio!

I follow Adelaide’s Taryn Brumfitt, founder of the Body Image Movement, and love her mission to lift the self image of women everywhere. As a mum of a nearly 10 year old daughter, I’m all too aware that everything I say and do influences her.

If this resonates, I’d love to hear from you! Click here to fill out the contact form to let me know you’re interested.

I plan to write a series of blog posts on my website based on these photoshoots.

Why should you have a Photoshoot? Well, I’m glad you asked. You get great photos together – no stiff poses, no forced smiles – I’m all about telling your story, and being authentic. You’ll have fun. And we’ll have captured some real moments for all time.

This offer is good for 5 Mums and their teen daughter (aged 13-19), who both enjoy dressing up, have a great sense of humour and a great relationship. I have plenty of items in the studio wardrobe for you to choose from, if you wish. I love photographing different styles. Love swirly skirts? Great! Hate pink, prefer jeans and boots? Great!

If you apply to participate in this offer, you must be available during the month of July (including the school holidays) and be happy for me to use your photos on my blog.

I’ll be offering a free photography session and a “thank you” print to the right families. I’m not looking for models, just everyday people.

If this sounds like you and you want to know more, just click here to fill out the contact form and we’ll chat. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is hair and makeup included? The offer includes the photoshoot only, but I have a team of professional hair and makeup artists and would encourage you to include this as an add-on to your session. It’s just $100 per person and adds to the enjoyment of your day.

Is this really free? What’s the catch? – Yes the session and thank you print are free, but in return I would like to feature your photos, behind the scenes video and story in one of my upcoming feature blog posts about mothers and daughters. It would also be sweet if you left a review of your experience on my Facebook page.

Can we buy more photos? – Absolutely! When you return to the studio to see your photos, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase more if you wish, but you’re not obliged.



Sweet AND Raunchy || Boudoir photographer Adelaide

This was a fun boudoir session to photograph.

Dark portraits

My client brought some examples of images and styles she had in mind for her shoot and this set the basis for our inspiration board. We came up with a plan that included using props for posing, including the couch, chairs, bed and ladder. We also decided on a mix of light and airy styles as well as more dark and sensual looks.

Pose on the couch

This is the most requested pose in boudoir sessions…. flattering and sexy for all body shapes and sizes. The beauty of bringing a sexy pair of heels is you don’t even have to stand in them!

Classic boudoir

Victoria's Secret

Matching black bra set

Sexy lingerie

This vintage ladder is one of my favourite props to pose with. It’s fun but a bit raunchy at the same time.

sexy police girl

the white sheet session

How would you like to be photographed? Call me, Deb, in the studio to book your free style consultation on 08 7070 1667.

Life Coach Thilan Legierse || Personal Branding Portraits Adelaide

Adelaide Life Coach Thilan Legierse specialises in Communication and Conflict Management Skills.

Thilans professional headshot With a legal background working as a barrister and having worked overseas in different capacities, Thilan brings rich experience to this role.

Thilan approached me for some fresh new corporate headshots to represent her personal branding on her website. The brief was to create both studio based and outdoor portraits, in her signature look – a range of brightly coloured dresses.

We included hair styling in keeping with her usual look with hairstylist Alyce Brand and created a light natural makeup with makeup artist Andrea Wauer. 

We also wanted to include some less formal, laughing images, to show her warmth, and approachability. Because life’s not all serious!

The outside images were taken at Wittunga Botanic Gardens, Blackwood.

Personal branding and headshots



“I’ve received fantastic feedback about my new images,” Thilan tells me. “I’m really pleased with them.”

To find out more about personal branding headshots, call the studio on 08 7070 1667 or contact Deb via the Contact page.

Celebrating Mums this Mothers Day || Limited $99 offer

Are you looking for a unique present for Mum this Mothers Day? If you’re like me, maybe you buy your own pressie. Why not? We certainly don’t need just ONE day in the year to remind us how amazing we Mums are LOL! But as you would know, I am passionate about the need for us to exist in photos, so that in years to come, our children will be able to SEE and remember us. There’s no excuse for avoiding the camera. Are you worried about a few extra kilos or smiley lines? I’ve got you covered!

deb smith photography beauty portraits Here’s your chance to claim your Mother’s Day Beauty Portrait deal! For just $99, you’ll get a 3 hour portrait session, professional Hair and Makeup Artistry with my makeover team, and style consultation for your very own Beauty Shoot! Nothing to wear? Come check out the studio wardrobe. From formal, fitted and sexy, to soft, romantic and flowy, I have something in every size and colour for you to try on.

Invite your loved ones to share the memories– no extra cost! Invite Dad and the kids to join you at the end of the session for a fun family portrait.

she came for a glamour portrait


With your portrait order, you’ll also receive the  gorgeous limited edition gift folio in natural linen (valued at $275). Call today to book 08 7070 1667.

unique present and gift for mothers day 2017

**I’m giving away UNLIMITED sessions at the $99 promo price from now till Mother’s Day. You may schedule your session in the weeks and months ahead but you MUST CALL by the 14th May to claim the deal. 08 7070 1667. Tag your Mum, sisters, and best friends to share the news!***

Wittunga Botanic Gardens || Blackwood Portrait Photographer

When local small business owner and Mum Beth approached me to plan a portrait session with both sides of her extended family, the best place came straight to mind – Wittunga Botanic Gardens. In spring and summer, the colourful blooms on display are quite extraordinary. The colours are so vibrant and suit family photos so well.

This garden location is so perfect for all ages – children especially love the expanses of well maintained grass, the ducks and the small lake. It’s just one kilometre from the Blackwood roundabout. I think it’s one of Adelaide’s best kept secrets!

Here are some images from the first session with Dad’s side of the family:


Childrens portrait photographer Blackwood

Mum with baby at Wittunga Botanic Gardens with Blackwood Portrait Photographer

children's outdoor portraits at Wittunga Botanic Gardens in the spring or summer

Big teenage brother and little sister for portraits at Wittunga Botanic Gardens

She is two years old with a pretty dress and pink flower in her hair to dress for photos

Grandma and grandpa in family portraits

Dad and 15 year old son in their outdoor family photos

Blackwood Portrait Photographer

Blackwood family portrait photographer

Best family photographer in Adelaide

Best family portrait photographer in Adelaide

informal fun and casual photo of grandma in the gardens

Family photo outside in the sun with Mum Dad brother and sister

Wedding anniversary photos

2016 A Year in Portraits || Adelaide Portrait Photographer

It’s been an epic year. Moving to a new boutique studio in Blackwood has been amazing – just a short drive from home with an outlook to the hills and trees is pretty special. I’ve met and photographed so many amazing people – artists, milliners, mums, dads, grandparents, business owners, teachers, builders, crafters, dancers, students, photographers. The youngest was a week old, the oldest was 92. And just about every other age in between. There were headshots, weddings, engagements, birthday celebrations, mums and daughters, and “just because” portraits.

It was also the year I lost an uncle, and my very special father-in-law the Reverend Keith Smith.

We don’t look back in sadness, but rather in celebration.

This video is dedicated to you, Keith.

Children’s Luxury Portrait Sessions || July School Holidays Adelaide

Childrens photographer adelaideChildren’s Luxury Portrait mini sessions for ages 6 months – 11 years

Do you like staying warm in winter, and wish you had something special – and INDOORS – to do with the kids these school holidays? I’ve got you covered! Relax comfortably on the lounge, put your feet up and sip your latte while you watch your child / children have fun playing dress-ups.

Portrait sessions are suitable for boys and girls and a great way to get the siblings together. There are plenty of props and dress ups or you may bring your own favourite outfits. The sessions are fun, relaxed and easy.


1st – 31st July 10am – 3pm


Ten beautiful, archival-quality printed portraits are included in the session fee! Just $175.

Bookings essential


For more information contact the Deb Smith Photography studio on 7070 1667 or email or visit 218A Main Rd, Blackwood. Conditions apply*


* Suitable for up to three children, digitals and additional images available separately for purchase.


Children’s Luxury Portrait Sessions || July School holidays Adelaide

school holiday ideas adelaide

Need something for the children to do these July school holidays in Adelaide



Children’s Luxury Portrait mini sessions

Do you like staying warm in winter, and wish you had something special to do with the kids these school holidays? I’ve got you covered!

Children’s Luxury Portrait mini sessions for ages 6 months – 11 years

Suitable for boys and girls.

Wednesday 13th July…..10am – 3pm
Thursday 14th July……10am – 3pm
Wednesday 20th July…..10am – 3pm

Parents, relax in the comfort of the lounge and sip your latte while you watch your child / children have fun playing dress-ups.

Ten beautiful, archival-quality printed portraits per child included in session fee! Just $175.

Bookings essential – click here to book in your preferred time.

For more information contact the Deb Smith Photography studio on 7070 1667 or email or visit 218A Main Rd, Blackwood. Conditions apply*


* Suitable for up to three children, digitals and additional images available separately for purchase.

What I Wish I Had Known Before She Turned Seven || Adelaide Children’s Photographer

Luxury children's portraits



With her ninth birthday coming up this weekend, we’re planning ahead for our next epic mother-daughter photoshoot production.

Here we are, two photoshoots under our belt and our third just days away.

As I start to wonder how to style our session, she already tells me we’ll have one “urban grunge” set and a “dance” themed set. What the…?

The first photoshoot happened when she turned seven. She knew my job involved studio portraiture. She wasn’t sure what that looked like. She asked if I would do a photoshoot just for her. I was really unsure.

I worried she would be difficult, that she would not follow my instructions. She’s a child who gets overwhelmed easily.

She and I are so different. Tasmin is an extrovert, I am an introvert.

She likes things to be just so. If it’s not her way, then it’s “not fair”. As a child, I would hide nervously in the shadows and prefer to watch the action.

I felt nervous.

So I came up with a plan.

The plan was to make sure that she could choose some of the outfits to feel involved in the process so… I let her choose some fabrics and dresses from the studio wardrobe. I told her they had to be child appropriate.

She did just what I asked.

Throughout the afternoon I saw a different side of Tasmin, a glimpse of her future self.

Creative, decisive, silly.

It was her willingness to jump in and experience my world.

OK so she didn’t wait to hear my posing instructions. No, no. She went right ahead and expressed herself quite freely in front of the camera. I really was surprised. She pretended to be a ballerina, swirling her hands gracefully, and making very profound expressions. She followed her own intuitions with perfect confidence.

I was impressed then and every day since she’s let me see how creative and capable she is. Was it the photos that did it, made her more confident? Or was I not seeing her fully, by filtering her childhood with my own? Was it the shared experience?

A little bit of each perhaps.

This is Me || Facing her fear of being in front of the camera

My dear friend Trudi Skinn, of Blue Wattle Photography, wrote this about her experience with me, being in front of the camera for a change:


When was the last time you had a beautiful, professional portrait taken of yourself?   For me, that event was 15 years ago! 15 years!  My parents, my gran, do not have a recent, decent (ie: approved by me!) photograph of me since I was 17 years old!  I’m now 32 and the “best years of my life” – my 20s – flew by largely unrecorded as I was not prepared to step in front of a camera. So I made the point of always ensuring I was behind the lens and not in front of it (That could possibly account for the reason I am now a photographer)….

Does that story ring true for anyone else? 

If, like me, you realise that a whole decade of your life does not exist, even in the digital archives of your family history, get out there and do something about it!!  I did.

I went to Deb Smith Photography and booked my very own photo-shoot – before I could talk myself out of it.

Then the doubts hit. I had deep and (at times painful) conversations with myself:

I have nothing to wear. Nothing fits me anymore!”

“I don’t have enough money to spend on new clothes…”

“I’m fat. I’ll wait until I’ve lost the 15kgs I’ve put on in recent years….”

“I’ll look ridiculous!”

“There is a very good reason I always make sure I am behind the camera these days and not in front of it…..”

“I’ll call Deb and cancel. I can’t do this!!”

And then the day of the shoot arrived, and it was too late for any excuses now! ….

And it was such an Amazing Experience!

My hair and makeup were professionally styled and Deb posed me in ways that flattered my body shape and I actually started to feel beautiful again – despite the extra 15kgs, despite the old clothes (I did buy 1 new dress for the shoot) and despite the sometimes rather awkward poses I was asked to hold.  I felt beautiful within my own skin, and that self- confidence, no matter how recently obtained, was inspiring and tangible.

almost didn’t need to see the final results, because that personal belief and self-appreciation held fast in my mind while I waited for the images to be ready.  That lasting buzz, finding that self-love is empowering! It is amazing how much it changes your perception of yourself and how you see others.


If you are like me (unhappy with your current body size and/or haven’t been decently photographed in forever; are always behind the family camera instead of in front of it etc) – then I urge you now! Get out
there and search for a portrait photographer whose style and value you admire and get your own portrait taken now. Not just your kids, or your family – you. Yourself. Gift yourself this experience – enjoy it, indulge
in it and once you’re done, then bring in your kids/partner at the end for that beautiful family shot if you need

Don’t wait for that mythical “one day” to arrive before you experience this for yourself. Do it now. This week. This month. This year!  (Get it done before Christmas and viola – presents you can share with your family!)


Click here to see Trudi’s photography.