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Adelaide Author Cheryl Williss’s personal branding || SA Authors headshot photographer Adelaide

Adelaide author Cheryl Williss was about to publish her next book when she approached me for updated headshots.

She explained that she wanted some fresh new images that would reflect her outgoing personality.

As well as being an author writing about South Australian history, she is a public speaker.

A previous career in accounting influenced her dress style and she felt most professional with a shirt and jacket in crisp whites and blacks.

I created three different images for Cheryl.

The first is her favourite – crisp white shirt and blue jeans, sitting cross legged to reveal her playful side.

The Adelaide author sits on the floor cross legged with classic white shirt and blue jeans

The second and third images incorporated a more sophisticated look; one with a black and white jacket adding some flair

The author Cheryl Williss wears her stylish black and white striped jacket with her elegant glasses for this headshot look

and the other a bright and airy headshot.

Author Cheryl Williss chose a corporate look for her third professional headshot for public speaking events

What would you choose for your updated professional headshots?

Life Coach Thilan Legierse || Personal Branding Portraits Adelaide

Adelaide Life Coach Thilan Legierse specialises in Communication and Conflict Management Skills.

Thilans professional headshot With a legal background working as a barrister and having worked overseas in different capacities, Thilan brings rich experience to this role.

Thilan approached me for some fresh new corporate headshots to represent her personal branding on her website. The brief was to create both studio based and outdoor portraits, in her signature look – a range of brightly coloured dresses.

We included hair styling in keeping with her usual look with hairstylist Alyce Brand and created a light natural makeup with makeup artist Andrea Wauer. 

We also wanted to include some less formal, laughing images, to show her warmth, and approachability. Because life’s not all serious!

The outside images were taken at Wittunga Botanic Gardens, Blackwood.

Personal branding and headshots



“I’ve received fantastic feedback about my new images,” Thilan tells me. “I’m really pleased with them.”

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