Deb Smith Photography Adelaide

Deb Smith

Headshots & Family Portrait Photographer in Blackwood, SA

I’m a portrait photographer for one main reason: Everyone deserves an amazing portrait of themselves.

Hi, I’m Deb a headshot and family portrait photographer in Blackwood who enjoys working with busy mums who crave a bit more balance and me-time in their lives!

If you can relate, then you’ll want to find out more about me to see if I’m the right photographer for you.

I’m a dreamer, an empath and a real Crash Bandicoot. One late October afternoon I was photographing an engaged couple when I was struck by the beautiful warm sunlight emerging from the cloudy sky. I shouted “Quick! Run” and as I ran over to catch the light, tripped and fell into a mound of long grass. “Are you ok?” they asked, eyes wide. “It’s all part of the show,” I assured them!

Making people laugh is one of my charms, but I do love to inspire self-confidence in others. I dream of ways to empower women to see their value and share their light with the world.

As a portrait photographer, I get to help women of all ages to feel good about themselves. It’s tricky navigating our noisy social-media world and the insta-perfect pictures we’re bombarded with every day.

We are all busy managing our families, working, sometimes achieving balance, and more often not. 

I want to help you.

It’s so worth getting dressed up, having your hair and makeup done, and trusting a professional to capture your family portraits.

The best part is being able to take home portraits for your walls and albums to last for generations to come. And that’s what I do really well.

More about me…

When I was 9 I started saving for a caravan. The savings didn’t last but almost 40 years later I’m still chasing that dream of hitching up a van and travelling round Australia. I love a good road trip.

My guilty pleasure is sipping coffee while people-watching at cafes. I also love searching through Instagram for inspirational quotes and productivity tips. For example, I love the Body Image Movement that’s helping to develop body-confidence in women, girls and teens all over the world. And it started right here in Adelaide.

Before being a full-time photographer, I was an English high school teacher, so I’ve always felt comfortable engaging with kids and teens. I have two children on the Autism Spectrum, so I also understand that each child is an individual and should be treated as such.

People tell me my super power is making amazing portraits of women. It’s true – I am proud to be a curvy woman. I’m comfortable with my own body and I’m skilled at beautifully capturing yours.

The idea of being photographed can be daunting. That’s why I provide an easy, relaxing, fun experience, which is equally important as the photos themselves.  With me, you and your family will feel safe and completely comfortable.

I’ll help you every step of the way.

Does this sound like you? Then get in touch as I’d love to chat!