“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the wonderful photos you took for me.

It’s amazing the difference they’ve made for me.

I truly believe the way you’ve captured my smile and the essence of who I am is speaking to people when they see my picture.

It just feels like people are dealing with me differently.

Here’s the bio link to one of the speaking spots I have.

Your wonderful photography will be seen by and audience of at least 15,000 from around the world.” – Fiona Gray 


Fiona Gray is a passionate advocate for Sepsis awareness.

Her own experience with Septic Shock and Post Sepsis Syndrome in 2015 left her feeling unsupported, ill-informed, and alone. This led her on a journey seeking support and answers that has helped create a support network across Australia and New Zealand for both survivors and families that have lost loved ones to Sepsis.

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I'm a professional speaker needing headshots - where can I go in Adelaide?

As a speaker and advocate for sepsis awareness, Fiona was approached by Flinders University to speak about her personal experiences.

This followed with a formal invitation to speak to an international audience of 15,000.

She was asked to provide a professional headshot for her online speaker profile and was NOT a fan of her existing workplace headshot. 

She brought several different outfits to her session, and we started with professional hair and makeup (complimentary with every headshot session booked).

I introduced some different looks with various backgrounds – we included a black background in the mix (see below right) alongside the more standard white.

It takes a few minutes until most people feel relaxed in front of the camera. Fiona spoke passionately on her topic about the need for greater awareness of Sepsis in Australia with me. You can really see the confidence in her expresssion!


Create different Looks for Different Purposes

Fiona's online speaker public profile photo
fiona wondered where can i get professional headshots in adelaide

About Fiona Gray

Fiona is an active consumer health advocate in her home city of Adelaide, South Australia.

In 2017 she contributed to the inaugural Australian Sepsis Roundtable, Stopping Sepsis: A National Action Plan and its subsequent report released in March this year.

Fiona is hopeful that the recommendations of this report will be adopted nationally, resulting in reduced deaths and improved outcomes for survivors.

When not advocating for Sepsis, Fiona is a Business Development Manager in the Mortgage and Finance Industry with more than 20 years’ experience in her field.


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