Melissa and Emma || Mother and Daughter portrait Adelaide

This Mum and daughter Melissa and Emma share the same zany sense of humour! They’ve now introduced me to the TV show Miranda – if you’ve seen this show, now you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, here is a great starting point – Miranda: The Ten Funniest Moments (Number 7: Not content with getting her high heel stuck down a crack in the pavement, Miranda also manages to set off a series of water spouts in this first-rate scene. Gary’s (Tom Ellis) expression of deadpan bemusement as a bedraggled Miranda hobbles towards him… can you picture this? They could be describing me LOl!)

You’re welcome!

Alyce’s created the beautiful hair – long, classic Hollywood curl for Emma and a light funky twist through Melissa’s classic bob.

Makeup by Belinda Oliver (Blush and Brush).

Emma brought a classic piece, her favourite black leather jacket (bought in the Men’s section, she proudly explains) and we decided to make red and black the basis of their combined looks.

Emma allowed me some creativity to wrap her in some gorgeous red satin I had on hand to create a “custom dress”. I just love it! (See pictures 2, 5 and 7  below).

How would YOU like to be photographed? Let us create a custom look just for you.

For bookings or to answer any questions, call me at the studio on 08 7070 1667.


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